Top 10 SharePoint Consulting Companies in DC

Below is a list of what I believe are the top 10 SharePoint consulting companies in the Metro DC area including Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. The ratings are based mostly on industry insider knowledge, including factors such as satisfaction of known customers, consultant turnover, and knowledge of key 3rd party products. The top SharePoint consulting companies are active speakers in local user groups and organizations such as AIIM (The Global Community of Information Professionals).

I decided to build this list after noticing which companies came up in Google’s search results and which did not. In fact, several of the folks that show up in the search results have less than two dedicated SharePoint consultants in the D.C. area. Others in the search results outsource or offshore most of their work. A few others did not make the list because of low satisfaction of known customers. I hope potential customers call vendor references or at least look at their Pinpoint reviews. The list below is in no particular order (so don’t email me to complain if your company is #10, we can still be friends).

1. DAn Solutions

This company was founded in 2007 in Northern Virginia by Lawrence (Larry) An and Jay Dinsick. They mostly work in the intelligence community and are great guys. In fact, we have referred people to their company and helped out each other’s customers.

2. Booz Allen Hamilton

These guys have a pretty large Microsoft practice focused primarily in the Federal government. Their customers include the intelligence community and the Internal Revenue Service. Dan Usher from Booz Allen and Kurt Greening from Xgility organize the Reston SharePoint User Group.

3. Avanade

This company was originally created at a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. These guys are large, national, and prefer to work on the biggest projects. Known local customers include Washington Gas and Sodexo. David Berry from Avanade and Greg Stringfellow from Xgility organize The Captial Area .NET SharePoint SIG.

4. Xgility

Yes, I am biased, but we made the list. Xgility helps some of the largest Federal Government Agencies, local government, government contractors, and associations achieve transformational results using SharePoint and Office 365. Our great culture is the key reason we attract and retain the best consultants and were named #144 fastest growing privately held company.

5. Protiviti

This large company (also associated with the staffing firm, Robert Half) acquired a Winchester, VA company called SusQtech in 2012. While some of their key consultants left after the acquisition, they are still pretty active in the D.C. area and in the SharePoint community.

6. AIS

AIS, also known as Applied Information Sciences, grew out of small business status by performing mostly on government contracts. While not as active in the SharePoint community, they still have a good (mostly federal) customer base in the metro D.C area.

7. RePoint

RePoint is a relatively new firm started by a great developer named Greg Galipeau. I have seen Greg speak at SharePoint Saturday and the Reston user group. His business model is based on providing 100% remote consultants to the federal government.

8. RDA Corp

RDA is headquartered in Baltimore and has an office in Reston. We have heard pretty good feedback on them, including that they have a good program for training recent college graduates.

9. Planet Technologies

Planet Technologies is a Microsoft partner headquartered in Montgomery County, MD. They have a good presence in the state and local government and also do federal work. Two of their consultants, Bobby Chang and Patrick Curran, are active speakers in the DC SharePoint community.

10. Catapult Systems

Catapult Systems is a large, national Microsoft consulting partner with their headquarters in Texas. While many of their consultants come in from out of the area, they are working to build out their DC area practice.

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