The technique I choose to use in my works is A drawing of city as a collection of architectural eccentricities. This is a technique developed by Atelier Bow Wow. Atelier Bow Wow is found by Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima in 1992 in Tokyo.Tokyo is one of the most crowned city in the world and also with the highest price of housing. Most people here are living in a very narrow space. However, a lot of designers are try to maximally use the space to create a better living situation, and Aterlier Bow Wow are one of them. Their architecture are usually fill with the sense of humor and understanding. They don’t stick in to one stable style but always consider all the situation of the location such as heat, wind, light and water. and choose the suited style. In their book which called Pet Architecture(2001), it shows a lots of small and exquisite buildings in the corner of city and effectively using every small pieces of space. At the same time, they also creatively combine several different kinds of buildings together and make a single building have all of the functions, and they show a lot of this kinds of architectures in another book which called Make in Tokyo(2001)and the technique in this book is what i going to use in my works. Because of the combination of different functions and the limit of space, most of these architectures are looking strange and in my opinion, that is why they are the ‘architectural eccentricities’. Therefore, I collect a series of building which get similar structures and situations to produce my works. Figure 1 shows a building near central station. It is basically a garage however it has railway through its bottom and these two structure combine together make this building become unique. It is similar to Figure 4, which is been showed in Made in Tokyo. Figure 2 is the Harbour Plaza at Chinatown. I choose this building is because firstly its function include restaurant, office, cafe and retail. Secondly, the structure of this building is combine with Chinese traditional style and modern style and these elements make this building ‘strange’. The building in Figure 3 is a building nearby railway squall. It has both functions of store and residence. At the same time,there is a highlighted feature that distinguish it with other congeneric buildings, which is the clock on the edge, this make people related this building with a clock tower. Figure 4 is a building nearby Taylor square. The building is basically a restaurant but it got a big advertising board on it so this make it has different functions. The building in figure 5 is at Sussex Street an it combine the functions of garage residential building and store. After doing this work, I pay more attention of the buildings which are creatively combine several functions together and I think this technique will be more important in the future.

Figure 1: A building which combine the functions of garage and railway. Photo: Yongxin Xie
Location of the building in Figure 1
Figure 2: Harbour Plaza Photo: Yongxin Xie
Location of the building in Figure 2
Figure 3: Shop+clock tower+residence Photo: Yongxin Xie
Location of the building in Figure 3
Figure 4: A building which combine the functions of restaurant and advertising board. Photo: Yongxin Xie
Location of the building in Figure 4
Figure 5: A building which combine the functions of residential building and garage. Photo: Yongxin Xie
Location of the building in Figure 5
Figure 6: Make in Tokyo 01
Figure 7: Make in Tokyo 02


Figure 5: https://kadikoycommons.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/made-in-tokyo_bath-tour.jpg 

Figure 4: http://pic.pimg.tw/gardenct/4a6d7f770846a.jpg


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