“We go to heaven when we are born”

The person who said this was not some famous philosopher or a religious leader. A retired astronaut said this beautiful line, And this is among my favourite quotes.

Earth is magnificent, there is no denying that. From tranquil mountains to the gentle beaches, from the breathtaking northern lights to vast oceans, It is quite extraordinary.

And life does offer a lot of pleasures. But I don’t believe it to be the ultimate goal of life. As another great school of the thought points out. There is suffering in the world. There is a cause of suffering. There is cessation of suffering and there is a way to achieve it.

These 4 noble truths stated in the baudha philosophy offer a broader view of life, perhaps a bit cynical but true indeed.

If we objectively look at this problem, a life of pleasure and materialism will not seem as satisfying after one point and excess of it will ultimately corrupt the soul.

I believe working towards your goal coupled with self discovery and self improvement with a sincere effort to help the less fortunate seems to be the best path.