The Reinhardt Problem
Patrick Miller

Hi Patrick! Great insights, thanks for the writeup.

I play a decent amount of Reinhardt and honestly I love playing him. Your biggest qualm is that he “doesn’t feel good to play” in an FPS game, but I would disagree with you. His hammer is definitive, powerful and can take out a team caught in Zarya’s black hole or any squishy that finds themselves away from their tanks.

I think Reinhardt works better as a “team” character — he is fun to play and very powerful if you have a team working with him (this is evidenced by his higher pick rate in competitive play). If you are a solo player trying to mess around and land cool kills in quick play, you might not have fun playing a character that needs a team to back him up. This also explains why there aren’t a lot of healers in quick play.

The qualm you have of Reinhardt “feeling” bad to play isn’t one I agree with-he can easily 2- or 3-hit most healers and his fire strike can decimate if comboed well. His ultimate ability is also really good (but again, dependent on having a team to back it up) and can set up some awesome plays.

There are some characters like Winston who feel a lot less satisfying to play. His DPS is low and while his ability to dive and disrupt a team is great, the damage he outputs is unsatisfying. Reinhardt’s damage-dealing hammer is far more satisfying.

I thought this article would be focused on how dependent the meta has been (and will continue to be for the foreseeable future) on Reinhardt, and how Blizzard can “fix” the “need” to have a Rein on every team (except a dive). That would be interesting, but it’s just a question of balance and how a meta develops in the first place.

Anyway, thanks for the insights. Really good perspective.

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