A quick way to have a callback listener on the activity when you close a fragment.

Have you ever needed to have a callback listener on your activity, to detect that the fragment you launched has been closed? Through this quick guide, I’ll show you a way to get it!

1. Define the interface

Implementing Bluetooth as Service in Android
Implementing Bluetooth as Service in Android

Why? and How?

Have you ever been asking yourself, once you read the official Android bluetooth guide, how to manage it inside your app? How do you keep the connection active even when you move between different activities and fragments?

Well, in this guide, I’ll try to show you how I implemented the…

The following guide, shows ho to configure eslint, prettier and editorconfig for a reactjs project on VScode. It may change for future versions of VScode, ReactJS or related plugins.

1 Step: Setup ESLINT

First of all, you need to install ESLint extension for VSCode:

In today’s information technology age, data is the main commodity, and possessing more data typically generates more value in data-driven businesses. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the amount of digital data generated surpassed 1 zettabyte in 2010. Furthermore, 2.5 exabytes of new data is generated each day since…

New Material BottomAppBar

This article will show you how to implement the new BottomAppBar with a FAB (FloatingActionButton) on an Android application with the new Google Material Design Library (2).

STEP Zero: Setup

Before you start you need the latest version of Android Studio. …

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