So Let’s Talk Content Creation: Intro

Hello, WolfenWZRD from XP Boosted here, and we are gonna talk about some things pertaining to content creation. This particular article will deal with streaming content or “streaming”. Unlike uploading edited videos you’ve recorded, streaming takes the recording process and fuses it with the upload process doing it at the same time. Cool right, two birds one stone! And not only that, but you get to interact with viewers live while everything is going on. You couldn’t ask for a better experience, or have more fun than that. Which gave rise to gamers desiring to do the same thing they see their favorite streamer does. But a lot of people jump in head first not knowing where to start, or even how to get to that starting point. And that’s where I, and XP Boosted come in, so let’s get down to it.

First, a man is only as good as his tools (or woman, can’t forget about the ladies). But what tools do you need, and where can you get’em??? The main tool you’ll need and where you will spending most of your time is the All mighty PC. But this tool will need certain specs to work for you, your grandma’s eMachine isn’t going to cut it. So what we are looking for is something with a decent Processor(CPU) and Graphics Card(GPU). Without getting too deep into recommendations I’ll just say anything Ryzen 7(AMD), or i7(intel) and up will do you just fine. As far as Graphics Card goes, it’s whatever is in your budget, because it doesn’t rely to much on your GPU. With all that in mind you could either buy a pre-built PC or put together parts and make your own (my recommendation), both methods will cost you about the same.

If you have any further questions, for me about building the PC or further recommendation on parts, join our XP Boosted Discord server where you will find me and the other members of our community. On the next post I will explain the next steps you’ll be needing to take once you got all your tools set up and ready to go.

Wolfen out.

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