WE ARE ALL UNOKA #ThingsFallApart

Since I first read China Achebe’s Things Fall Apart as a teenager, anytime I read it again, which is every year, one character never ceases to fascinate me.

No, it is not Okonkwo, like most of my friends know, it is Unoka, Okonkwo’s father.

My fascination is due to the fact that he is archetypal. He is like so many of us, even though we want people to believe otherwise. We cut an appearance of success, dress expensively, "burst" drinks in clubs, look for ways to make the quick buck and generally live above our income.

Unoka is the civil servant who would loot our commonwealth and call us to make merry and share crumbs. Unoka is the governors who would rather empty our Sovereign Wealth Fund than save for the rainy day. Unoka is the governor who can’t pay salaries but maintain the most expensive fleet of cars. Unoka is the legislator that earns a fat salary but his constituents die because of lack of basic medication. Unoka is that sanctimonious man of God that uses your tithe to buy a private jet while you barely lumber along. Unoka is this government that has grabbed power and has equally grabbed all the powerful portfolios for one section of the country. Unoka is the governors who collected “bailout” but can’t bail out poor workers who die from preventable and treatable aliments. Unoka is the government that promised you change but doesn’t have any little change for you.

Unoka "always said that whenever he saw a dead man’s mouth he saw the folly of not eating what one had in one’s lifetime" Unoka at least had a reason for being Unoka.

The question is why are we Unoka?