XRT Contract Address Upgraded Version X1.1

Dear XRT Community Members/Supporters,

Thank you for choosing XRT Token (A ERC20 protocol based cryptocurrency by XRT Foundation) as your choice. We hereby want to inform you that due to payload size vulnerability(https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/zeppelin-solidity/issues/261) in old smart XRT Token contract (0x99092a458b405fb8c06c5a3aa01cffd826019568), we (XRT Foundation) have decided to upgrade the smart contract from version X1.0 to latest version X1.1 that has been deployed at (0x37d404a072056eda0cd10cb714d35552329f8500). We request everyone(authentic holder(s) of XRT Tokens) including exchanges to swap their XRT Token by sending all their old Tokens at the creator wallet ( 0x073db5ac9aa943253a513cd692d16160f1c10e74 ) of XRT Tokens (version X1.0). We will destroy/burn all the tokens(in circulation) by sending them to genesis block and provide you upgraded XRT Tokens (version X1.1). Once you send them to the above creator wallet, Then the process of sending new tokens in return may take 24-48 hours

The notice is issued in public interest by 24th July 2018 on 1:30 PM (GMT+5:30).

In case of any query/issue contact us directly at:- support@xrtfoundation.org

Old Smart Contract: 0x99092a458b405fb8c06c5a3aa01cffd826019568

New Smart Contract: 0x37d404a072056eda0cd10cb714d35552329f8500

Thank you,

MJ Paul| CEO

XRT Foundation