A Writer of Many Hats

Joseph Crowley has a time tested, nostalgic, and young soul even for a man whom some would “call elderly” as Crowley says. He has been around the bases a few times in his lifelong career as a writer. Crowley has written/co-edited several books over the decades beginning in the 1970’s. His career as a writer took off as a sports writer, which began, like most journalism students, in high school. Crowley first started writing in his senior year of high school in Iowa and pursued sports journalism well into his college career.

After a lifetime of being a writer, Crowley can take his time to write a book that he has wanted to do ever since he retired from being The President of the University of Nevada. After his retirement he called up a friend who was a poet who works on campus and asked her if he could be a part of her workshops. He was accepted in the workshop and began on his new writing journey like he has done many times before. However this time is a little different. Instead of journalistic writing, or academic writing like he has done in the past, Crowley can finally do some sharing.

His latest venture in creating literature will be Hats Off to the Cap, Crowley’s first poetry book and seventh in total. In this work, he will talk about his youth, his love of baseball, and commentary on the modern picture of which he has a few poetic things to say about one of his least favorite subjects; technology. While this last point could be easily dismissed as ramblings of a nostalgic old man, I highly doubt it will simply be about an old man complaining about these new-fangled flying machines. He hopes for his work will appeal to young people. In the workshops he has taken there are plenty of young people in there that critique his work.

Poetry, for Crowley, is the process of what’s rolling around in your mind. He goes on walks a lot but abstains from plugging himself into a device like the typical person who uses technology in that fashion. Walking fuels his creative juices. “The challenge is to remember it all when I get home”, he said. The poetry that Joe will be publishing was fun for him to write and hopes it will be fun to read. He describes his style as doggerel, which is inherently humorous. While in fact, this poetic style is admittedly not the highest caliber, he utilizes it in Hats Off to the Cap to make his points about life in his own, comfortable style.

His book will be available in April of 2016 during national poetry month. To pick it up locally, Sundance Books and Music in Reno, Nev. will be selling the book at that time, but it can also be bought on Amazon.

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