“Playdex Cup Season 2" All you need to know

3 min readMay 29


We are thrilled to announce the upcoming “Playdex Cup 2” tournament, which will be held in partnership with Playdex once again! Get ready for an extraordinary gaming experience. Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament.

When will the tournament start?
June 05, 2023 (10:00 AM UTC+8)

When will the tournament end?
July 03, 2023 (10:00 AM UTC+8)

How long is the tournament?
28 Days

Rewards Up To $1,250 !!!

> Expanded prize pool: $100 to $1,250 based on participants!

> NFT Generative XTALHERO for Top 3 Winners

Abouts the Playdex Cup 2

> The pass code of this tournament is : playdex2

> The tournament takes 4 weeks.

> All participants’ levels will be set to level 1 exclusively for this tournament. Your level remains the same in other modes.

> While participating in this tournament, you cannot play in the standard arena mode. You can resume normal arena play once the tournament ends.

> Your points will not be restored to the pre-tournament value once the “Playdex Cup 2” concludes.

> When you have enter this tournament, you cannot play in a standard arena mode during the tournament. You can re-enter a normal arena when this tournament ends.

> Rewards will be announced prior to the tournament and distributed after it concludes, following the regular tournament process.

> The ranking board will only display the points of players who have joined the “Playdex Cup 2”.

> Arena point calculations are used the same way as a normal tournament. But with the added excitement of real-time matching systems. Prepare for intense battles against real players!

This mode only!

Simple Rules!!!

> Players must have their digital wallet and connect it to our website (https://talesofxtalnia.com/) and marketplace.

> Players must have a verified Playdex account and Xtalnia account.

> Only matches played in “Special Tournament Mode” will be counted.

> Please refrain from playing multiple IDs on a single device. Only one ID per device is allowed for the tournament.

> Any form of manipulation or cheating that affects the outcome of the arena is strictly prohibited.

> The use of emulators with additional features such as autoclicker is not allowed.

> Using the same set of weapons across multiple accounts to achieve a higher rank on the leaderboard is not permitted.

1. All players are required to have a verified Playdex account.

2. All players are required to have an Xtalnia account. Register here.

3. Find out your leaderboard standing on the tournaments page.

How to create Playdex account https://playdex.io/
Prepare your Metamask wallet

• Visit the Playdex Marketplace (ETH) playdex.io

• Click “Sign” then “Connect Metamask

• Link your Discord in the Playdex Marketplace

This is all essential information about the “Playdex Cup 2”. Hope you all enjoy this tournament with us. Don’t forget to tell your friends to join our game and participate in the tournament.

Download Xtalnia now and live on an epic gaming adventure!

🌐 Browser : https://talesofxtalnia.com/
📱 iOS & Android : https://9cbb.short.gy/XtalniaPlaydexCup2

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