Facetime For PC: Download For Windows 7/8/10/xp

Facetime For Windows PC

If you have a Windows computer with camera, can call over the Internet via video chat with FaceTime For PC.

As soon as you start FaceTime, the camera is automatically activated and you will be asked for your Apple ID, to establish a connection. By clicking on the email address from your address book, you then start a video conversation.

How To Download Facetime For Your Windows PC

Our download link below will take you directly to the download page, where the download is ready.


The new version 1.0.2 promises improvements especially when operating in full-screen mode.

Note: Prerequisite for video chat is a Windows PC and a built-in camera. Your conversation partner needed also a Mac or an iPhone 4/iPad/iPod touch, as well as an existing Wi-Fi connection. At least version 4.1 of the iOS operating system must be installed on the iPhone or the iPod touch.

What Is Facetime?

FaceTime is a VoIP software that allows you to make video calls free between Apple devices. All devices from the iPhone 4, iPad 2, the fourth-generation iPod touch and Mac from the version OS X v10. 6 support the application. On iPhones or iPads, you use mainly the front camera for FaceTime. You have also the possibility to switch the camera with a tap on the screen during the call. To view your conversation partner, what you are watching. Regular transmission occurs by image and sound via Wi-Fi. With iPhones and iPads, you have also the possibility to make FaceTime calls over the mobile network from the iOS version 6.

Easily make video calls with the FaceTime Windows app

The FaceTime app can be used right after you sign in with the Apple ID on the latest Apple devices. In addition to normal VoIP telephony, video connections can also be made with a tap on the FaceTime button. If the device has two cameras, it is possible to switch between the front and rear camera during the call. The front cameras of iphone, ipad and ipod touch are optimized for FaceTime and, according to the manufacturer, have “exactly the right field of view and the right focal length to focus on the face at arm’s length”. So you can not only see each other, but also always look perfect.

Cost of phone calls

Similar to Skype or Google Hangout, the conversations or video calls can be run free of charge. The FaceTime Windows app was originally designed to connect via WLAN. In the meantime, the service with the iphone 4s, the iphone 5 or an ipad from the 3rd generation can also be used via the mobile network. Depending on the data package you have booked, you may be charged with the use of FaceTime for the Internet connection. A data volume of approximately 50 KB is consumed per second, which is approximately 3 MB per minute. The transfer of such large amounts of data can quickly use the posted data volume or cause high Internet usage fees without a data package. Devices from iOS 6 can also make FaceTime calls over the cellular network.

How to call a FaceTime

FaceTime is a standalone app from iOS7 that can simultaneously access multiple operating system features such as the phone book or message app. For this reason, users have several ways to start a call: via the contact list with a click on the FaceTime icon, by calling the app and selecting the contact or within the News app by clicking on the contact and following the FaceTime icon. To switch from a normal conversation to a video call, just click on the icon. The caller will then be invited to go to the video chat.

FaceTime: Activation and Setup on iPhone and iPad

To add use FT on a mobile device, select the settings and the FaceTime entry. Then enter your Apple ID and password and tap “Login”. Enter all E-Mail addresses that you want to be reachable via the app. On the iPhone, it is possible to choose also the mobile number as the address of FaceTime. Finally specify which address to use as caller ID.

How To FaceTime?

FaceTime will automatically access your address book. So, after opening the app, type a name in the search box or select a contact from your list. You start the call with a tip on the mobile phone number or email address of the contact. Alternatively tap in the address book, click the button to establish the connection. If you want to use Siri, the appropriate voice command consists of “FaceTime with…” and the desired call partner.

Bottom line: With FaceTime PC, you can make video calls with an iPhone 4, iPad 2 a new iPod touch or another Mac result. Who already uses Mac OS X Lion, do not also buy this app— where the VoIP tool is already integrated. As an alternative, we recommend the freeware Skype.