UX Picks #01

Hi there. I’ve been preparing this for a while and finally get ready to start! I want to share the good stuff I found about UX every week. It’s also a spur for me to keep learning. Hope you will find something interesting to you!

Designing Calm Technology

Type: Video
Content: Concept, Strategy
Field: Experience design

“Technology should require the smallest possible amount of attention.” It is the first principle of calm technology and we can see it has been reflected in recent design trends. The future is that smart devices will be much more than humans. Designing Calm technology makes people not becoming overwhelmed and feeling cozy. Amber Case gave a comprehensible speech with plenty of examples on this topic.

Redesigning Chrome desktop

Image from the article
Type: Article
Content: Strategy, Method, Work example
Field: Interface design, Visual design

This article will take you rather long time to finish not only because its length but also the rich information it’s providing. The author wrote about the major factors of Chrome’s interface changing: hybrid layout design and applying .svg files to development by Skia graphics library. It’s impressive to see how Google’s designer works for a novice like me. The article definitely worth reading more than once.

15 Must-have Chrome extensions for web designers and front end developer

Image from the article
Type: Article
Content: Tools
Field: Visual design, Interface design & development

It’s always nice to have a good tool helping you. This article recommended some handy tools like the Window Resizer and Responsive Web Design Tester. I found the Fontface Ninja very intuitive.

Figma VS Sketch

Image from the article
Type: Article
Content: Tools
Field: Interface design

I’m a Windows user and have been upset about Sketch is only for Mac. It’s really exciting to learn from this article that Figma is the wonderful alternative that I’m looking for! The author thoroughly compared the pros and cons of Figma and Sketch. Despite that Figma is only available when online and doesn’t have plugins like Sketch does, it has many advantages over Sketch including the ability to collaboration.

That’s all for this week. Thank you!

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