How Else Can AT&T Ruin the iPhone?

Apparently there’s a new iPhone coming out dubbed the iPhone 4. (I wonder how long it took to come up with that name?) Steve Borsch of Minnov8 gives a solid overview of it. As you might know, I am not an Apple fanboy at all, but even I am tempted by the iPhone 4. The thing just looks badass.

A nice chunk of steel (maybe this will put Pittsburgh back on the map — lol just kidding.), two cameras to boot, HD recording (uh oh, sorry FlipCam) and all the 3G awesomeness you could ever dream of. Especially with the release of the iPad 3G, surely AT&T wouldn’t do something stupid like come out with a new cap on data plans. Oh wait, that’s exactly what they did. Not to mention, they have historically struggled in the past to keep up with demand of data usage due to the iPhone.

Why would I ever buy this amazing piece of engineering that was specifically designed to leverage mobile internet when half of the time I would be checking how much data I have used. How come ripping us off on text messaging plans can’t subsidize this?

Do you think the other cell phone service providers will follow suit? And AT&T giving us access to all of their hotspots is a bunch of garbage. The point of mobile internet is that it is mobile. What sucks for iPad 3G users is that there is now basically no point in having the 3G chip because you’ll be constantly looking for WiFi so you don’t go over 2 GBs. Oh well, I may be jumping the gun here. After checking my data usage since November of 2009, I only average about 175 megabytes per month. But I have a BlackBerry Bold with 3G disabled to save battery life. I’ll admit it, the internet experience on the BlackBerry simply doesn’t compare to the likes of the iPhone or another Android based handset.

For the time being, while I still have unlimited data, I think I’m going to try to set up a web server on my phone, and while at work or home when it’s plugged in, I’ll leave it on 3G and see how much data I can use. I’m sure this isn’t against AT&T’s terms of service. Come January, I’m thinking about switching to Verizon, considering their network is better anyway.

Originally published at on June 8, 2010.

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