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A teaser for our game Rebuild.Y2123



It has been a while since our last update on our game and roadmap. Before we dive into the updates, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and trust in the team.

Building a game that is fun with a well balanced token economy has been a tough challenge, but one we relish. After a couple of weeks of fine-tuning, we’ve made good progress and had a breakthrough.

We are working extremely hard behind the scenes, and this document will outlay the latest updates, as well as the next major milestones.

Buckle up and read on!

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  1. Summary of key changes
  2. Key concepts
  3. Updated game scope
  4. Alpha game release chronology

Summary of Key Changes:

  1. Attack and Defend gameplay has been swapped out for a narrative aligned worldbuilding gameplay.
  2. Habitat restoration gameplay will be introduced sooner, which requires new Habitat NFTs that include Land, Herbivore and Carnivore NFTs.
  3. Collect diverse Habitat NFTs to balance and restore habitats, and coordinate with your colony to earn NFT matching bonuses.
  4. There will be four different habitats, released in phases.
  5. There will only be 10K citizen scientist NFTs, ever.

Key Concepts

Staking and $OXGN Token

The $OXGN token will be Rebuild.Y2123’s in-game currency.

1 $OXGN = 1$OXGN
*$OXGN has no monetary value outside of the Rebuild.Y2123 game

Habitats in Y2123

There will be 4 different habitats in Rebuild Y2123, launched in phases, starting with Savannah. Other habitats include Marine, Rainforest, and Urban.

Different habitats in the game

Within each habitat, there will be different plant and animal NFTs that are representative of the habitat.

For example in the Savannah habitat, we will have animal NFTs such as the Impala and Cheetah, amongst others. These plant and animal NFTs will be collectively known as the Habitat NFTs.

These habitats are picked for both their potential for interesting gameplay, as well as awareness and education potential with regards to climate change.

Habitat NFTs: Land, Plants, Herbivores and Carnivores

A healthy habitat requires the right ecological balance of land, plants, herbivores and carnivore.

Land NFTs will be the focal point of the game. Restore your land’s health by ensuring you have the right ecological balance.

Sample dynamic land NFT design, subject to change

Land NFTs will be animated and dynamic. We are also working towards a design and game engine that supports user-generated content on our land NFTs.

More information will be released closer to launch.

Land NFTs can only be purchased directly from our smart contract with $OXGN tokens. If you have a Citizen Scientist (CS) NFT, you can stake your CS NFTs to earn $OXGN tokens to buy land.

The alternative is to buy land from secondary marketplaces like OpenSea, from CS NFT holders who wish to sell them.

The total supply of land NFTs is 20K:
- Savannah: 5K supply
- Marine: 5K supply
- Rainforest: 5K supply
- Urban: 5K supply

Plant NFTs are the building blocks for a healthy ecosystem and habitat. Not only are they food for herbivores like deers and giraffes, but they also help to sequester carbon and reduce the risk of soil erosion and desertification.

tree in savannah
Sample plant (tree) NFT design, subject to change

Plant NFTs are also purchasable directly from our smart contract with $OXGN tokens, or from the secondary market.

The total supply of plant NFTs is 25K:
- Savannah: 6.25K supply
- Marine: 6.25K supply
- Rainforest: 6.25K supply
- Urban: 6.25K supply

Herbivore NFTs are part of a delicate food web in any habitat. Not only do they help to facilitate the healthy growth of plants with their grazing and pooping, but they are also prey to carnivores.

deer in savannah
Sample herbivore (deer) NFT design, subject to change

Herbivore NFTs are also purchasable directly from our smart contract with $OXGN tokens, or from the secondary market.

The total supply of herbivore NFTs is 15K:
- Savannah: 3.75K supply
- Marine: 3.75K supply
- Rainforest: 3.75K supply
- Urban: 3.75K supply

Carnivore NFTs are necessary to maintain a healthy population of herbivores by preying on the weak and sick. They also maintain herbivore population numbers so that the plant eaters do not overgraze and cause erosion and desertification.

Carnivore NFTs are also purchasable directly from our smart contract with $OXGN tokens, or from the secondary market.

The total supply of carnivore NFTs is 10K:
- Savannah: 2.5K supply
- Marine: 2.5K supply
- Rainforest: 2.5K supply
- Urban: 2.5K supply

*Carnivore sneak preview coming soon

Apex predators (that are super rare) might also show up at some point when your habitat is healthy and thriving. Keep a lookout!

Ecological Balance

Ecological balance is defined as the right mix of flora and fauna on a piece of land, corresponding to the land’s available resources.


Research and trade in-game plants and animals via the marketplace

A place to buy and sell NFTs or in-game items to level up your land and NFTs.

Updated Game Scope

Restore and maintain a healthy habitat

Balance Ecology, Restore Habitats

As a citizen scientist, your primary objective is to restore your land to good health by growing the right amount of plants and maintaining the right ecological balance of herbivores and carnivores. You do this by staking the right balance and mix of different plant/herbivore/carnivore NFTs.

Race against time to save and restore your land — the healthiest and most ecologically balanced land NFTs will earn $OXGN bonuses, but more importantly, attract game generated plants and animals to grow and live on your land.

Habitat NFTs will be released sequentially to make sure that every player has a fair chance to collect the necessary land/plant/herbivore/carnivore NFTs to build a healthy ecosystem. The game will only move on to the next habitat after a full set of habitat NFTs has been released.

The first habitat will be the Savannah habitat.

Restore land damaged from climate change

*It is also important to note that each habitat’s release will also be treated like a game update or patch release, meaning on top of a new batch of habitat NFTs being released, there will also be game mechanic improvements, as well as bug fixes to improve gameplay.

Land Matching Bonuses

In Rebuild.Y2123, we are trying to build a fun yet realistic game so that we can raise awareness for climate causes through our gameplay. That is why our land NFTs will have location/country metadata. If you own land that is within the same region, you will be able to unlock special matching bonuses (in later phases), as your lands are able to accommodate a larger population of plants and animals.


For Rebuild.Y2123 to have a thriving economy for our citizen scientists, there will also be an in-game marketplace where players can buy, sell and trade NFTs and in-game items with $OXGN.

These items include essential habitat building plants and animals. Special items and upgrades for Citizen Scientists will be released in later phases.

Citizen Scientist Colony

As a player in Rebuild.Y2123, you will start the game by choosing 1 of 3 colonies to join. Joining a colony will also stake your NFTs in that colony.

There will be $OXGN bonuses for you if your colony can successfully work together to accomplish missions. These missions will be revealed and released in later phases of the game.

Join one of three citizen scientist colonies

Alpha Game Release Chronology

  • Stake your citizen scientist, earn $OXGN, join a colony — early March
  • Release Land NFTs Batch 1 of 2 ($OXGN) — early/mid April
  • Release Pioneer and Settler Citizen Scientist (ETH) NFTs — late April
  • Release Land NFTs Batch 2 of 2 ($OXGN) — early/mid May
  • Release Savannah Habitat NFTs ($OXGN) — release date TBA
  • Launch in-game marketplace — release date TBA

*note that the above release plan is subject to change

Let's restore and rebuild the World together

And so much more to come…

After the full release of the different NFTs in Savannah, there will be 3 other habitats that we will develop the game towards — with gameplay and game mechanics getting better with each release.

There will also be improvements made to the marketplace, as well as other capabilities and features to spend your $OXGN tokens in-game, so you can flex your digital habitat, and/or earn even more $OXGN tokens in the process.

We will also keep expanding our roadmap and NFT utilities where it makes sense, as well as secure partnerships with relevant brands and NGOs both in and out of the NFT space so that we can all play and earn to give back and contribute to reducing climate change in real life.

Last but not least, we truly appreciate all the support from our earliest supporters, current community members (you know who you are!), as well as future members and investors into our project.

Keep in mind that it is normal to expect some tweaks and changes to the roadmap, as these changes are often necessary to adapt to the changing dynamics of the game, and to make sure we achieve the right balance of play and earn.

Above all else, you can trust that we will do our best to stay transparent, and do what’s best for the project and your investment in Y2123.

Thanks for everything, LFG 🚀

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With 💚, Y2123 team




Rebuild.Y2123 is an experimental multiplayer online collaborative strategy game, where players race against time to save Earth from climate change.