Target Coin, A Closed-End Fund offering a continuous return to the investors

Target coin (TGT coin)

Built on an Ethereum smart contract, Target coin will share 85% of company profit with all their investor. Target coin is a closed-end fund so there will be no further ICO or investment round after the current one that will last for next few days and will end on 31st of this August.

Learn more about how to invest and current ICO stats of target coin from here :

Currently over 408 million TGT coin were sold at the rate of 7500 TGT per ETH and you can still get TGT coin at the same rate. Don’t expect to buy these token when it will be listed on exchange platform at the same rate of ICO because price can easily rise upto 5x just after listing because who don’t want to secure profit from crypto trading without doing any trading themselves.

Target coin is different than any other closed end fund management projects, TGT coin will actively trade cryptos and try to generate profit with the use of machine learning, proper hedging strategy, technical analysis on both short term and long term. Most of the other closed end fund only invest in long term projects.

Team behind target coin can be trusted with blind eye and they are known experts in the field of crypto trading.

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