WVYC Promotes Relationship Building Across Majors

By Skyler Drew

Submitted Photo: Pictured are radio hosts Blayde Alcabes, Will Shanklin and Eleni Mitchell.

The hosts of Make the Change Radio — Eleni Mitchell, Will Shanklin and Blayde Alcabes — all have a similar sense of humor, which they bring listeners every Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. In comparison to the typical music shows on WVYC, York College’s radio station, Make the Change Radio is more of a variety show.

“I like the spontaneity of it all,” said Shanklin. “I like that we can go with the moment and do what feels right for us; there’s no rigid script or structure.”

Make the Change Radio often covers current events. However, instead of merely telling the story or discussing the problem, the hosts try to make light of the situations.

“We aren’t making fun of anything. We want to talk about these important topics in a lighter way,” said Mitchell.

The show has other weekly features, such as celebrating some of the random national holidays — National Donut Day — that their show falls on and discussing irritating happenings around campus, such as the Johnson Dining Hall running out of chocolate ice cream or the garbage truck coming so early in the morning, in a segment called “What’s Up with That?”.

The hosts of Make the Change Radio have built a relationship that allows them to feel comfortable and casual on-air. However, talking on the show didn’t always feel natural for them.

“When I first started out, I was really nervous. I was sitting there and it was hard for me to realize that I was talking to real people,” said Mitchell. “I just kept messing up as I tried to read through the weather.”

Some of this improvement can be accredited to Jeffrey Schiffman, faculty advisor of WVYC.

“He pointed out my strengths and he told me to focus on them,” said Mitchell. “As I did that, I realized my weaknesses gradually got stronger too, and I felt a lot more confident and comfortable talking to the listeners every morning.”

Mitchell is a sophomore mass communication major. She was the first of the hosts to get involved with WVYC after noticing a speakered booth on Accepted Students Day.

“It just sort of happened,” said Mitchell when trying to describe the experience. “I don’t remember much, I’ve had a show for so long that the details of how I got started slipped my mind.”

Shanklin, a sophomore entrepreneurship major, was approached by Mitchell after a previous co-host transferred schools.

“She’d heard about my sense of humor through a mutual friend, and then she approached me about the show,” said Shanklin. “Now, here we are.”

Alcabes, a sophomore professional writing major, joined as a host of the show this semester. He was approached by Shanklin about joining the team.

“I have the same sense of humor as them, so everything just flows well,” said Alcabes.

Although all three of the hosts come from different majors, they all agreed that they gain valuable experience being a part of WVYC.

For Mitchell, learning about the equipment, technology, and behind-the-scene roles that are involved with broadcasting is an invaluable experience.

“For my major, we have to do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff as well as performance,” said Mitchell. “Overall, it really benefits me and helps me be more rounded in the field of communication.”

Shanklin, on the other hand, values WVYC as an outlet that allows him to develop his creativity.

“Being an entrepreneurship major, creativity is really important to me,” Shanklin said. “This show allows me to access different kinds of creativity and channel it into something.”

For those interested in listening to or becoming a part of the WVYC radio station, contact Jeffery Schiffman at jschiffm@ycp.edu or visit the WVYC page at https://www.ycp.edu/academics/academic-departments/communication-and-the-arts/division-of-communication/radio-station/.