Meet Our Team: Dylan Basescu

Written by a member of our US Relations team, Dylan Basescu.
Standing up for immigrants with Congresswoman Nita Lowey

Hello World! My name is Dylan Basescu and I’m a new team member getting ready to do research, analysis, and writing for the US relations division of YCoFA. I’m a high school senior from Sleepy Hollow, New York (Yes the one from the show) and will be attending George Washington University in the fall.

Politically, I’ve worked for Bernie Sanders, State Senator George Latimer, and hope to work for a number of downballot candidates in the next two years. However, this is my first time doing serious policy work outside the domestic sphere.

I heard about YCoFA first from Deputy Executive Director Chris Hopkins, but I joined after seeing the level of commitment that people were putting into this project from the very beginning. Young people have a bad reputation for not following through on projects, but I predict that wonderful group of young people assembled here will break that stereotype with ease.

Personally, I’m looking forward to educating myself on a deeper level about what the United States has done so far and can do as a global superpower to advance the well being, safety, security, and prosperity of all people, and what we can do as an organization to push our vision for that process. Having not had much experience in foreign policy, I’m also interested in learning from and working with Adam, Brandon, Chris, and Lucia on the US relations team.

Some of my hobbies include soccer, tennis, track, poetry, cycling, science, and reading.

Lastly, I want to thank Owen Steele and Simon Geisker from my hometown for helping me decide to join this team and briefing me on their areas of homegrown expertise. Thank you guys.

Now let’s get started!