Would you choose $1,000,000 or a year with Bill Gates?
Jon Westenberg

I’d spend a year with Bill Gates.

Too many of us think that our lives amount to the money we make and/or how successful our companies will be (for you entrepreneurs out there). I’d like to believe that my life amounts to the value of experiences.

With 1,000,000 I’d be richer quasi-instantly (within a few days). I’d have access to so many things, I could maybe use it to meet people, invest in a startup, pay for a kid’s education. But being with Bill Gates for a year; that’s a life-defining experience. Something you can look back to on your deathbed with pride. Doesn’t matter if it brought you money/fame. The man is interesting and has so much to say. Besides, wouldn’t you want to know how the view was from up there?

Another point: For those saying that they could start up a company with that 1,000,000, what makes you think you’ll start up a profitable and successful company with that $1,000,000? You need the drive, the skills, the idea and a roadmap. What better mentor than Bill Gates?