To traditionalist dismay, it seems onsite assessment centres and physical face-to-face Interviews will be more difficult to organise in a more digital post-Covid-19 environment. Even with the eventual reopening of offices and borders, the lack of a remote-option will be a deliberate choice to look away from a rapidly growing subset of talented remote-labourers.

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Imagine being able to express your self with more than just words and implied gestuality? Image source: Spatial VR (this is not an endorsement)

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for applying for the position of Experience Designer at Wonk Bridge. We would like to remind you that whilst the work is remote, you may be asked to travel occasionally depending on the client’s technological arrangements.

We would like to invite you to participate in our Assessment Centre. Your interview is scheduled for May 4, 2025, on our proprietary VR-workspace. …


Yuji Develle

Founder of @WonkBridge | Follow me on Twitter: @YDevelle

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