Modern Day Transport

Courtesy Of Careem

Day by day transport service is shaping better and thus competition is quite high. Furthermore, those who are utilizing modern day technology will dominate the market by cleanly sweeping competitors. As we all are well aware of two most widely used apps these days, specifically Uber and Careem. Both apps rely largely on ‘Google Maps’ feature, and just imagine how scary it feels if google switch its policy and defines a new charge rate for this feature? Furthermore, any glitch in internet/app itself leads to high dissatisfaction and ruins the business as well hence, uninterrupted internet service and perfect app is crucial. World has already observed, when internet wire was damaged, whole service went down in Pakistan on 5th August, 2017 effecting these Cab services million losses in two business days. Beside all this, do they care user experience? Of course, it’s a matter of ‘Live or Die’ to them as these Cab services birth have shaken entire government and private transportation sector to a great level. So, in case they drop their standard someone else will take advantage of the opportunity. So far both Cab service needs to look into this to improve further:

Careem Vs Uber Cab Service

Careem Cab Service:

Multi Careem Cab Services

When I compared Careem with Uber as per my experience, I acknowledged that Careem was on the lead. Initially, Uber had an advantage by introducing low fares as compare to its competitor. But, soon Careem managed to reduce their fares as well. Better app performance, multiple cab service option and availability, with all this stuff, Careem was supposed to conquer the market. However, sometimes when you confirm a ride and in case the ride is assigned to a distant Captain, there is great chance that Capitan might dodge app by waiting for 10 minutes at same Starting Point then he will cancel the ride and you will be penalized for that without knowing the exact reason because Captian pretended like he waited for you long enough, in fact he didn’t and you failed to come out timely at the Pickup location. This is what has happened twice times to me in past. In such scenario, don’t let him get away, all you need is to make-a-call to their helpline and explain the situation along with Cab number. Furthermore, for your kind information, this service is no longer limited to app, which means, you can benefit from Careem service by visiting their global Website without android. There are fewer who are familiar with “Peak factor” of Careem app, which means their prices are not constant and incessantly changes when ‘Peak Factor’ is low or high.

Fare Difference When Peak factor Navigates

Uber Cab Service:

Courtesy Of Uber

If you had come across Uber, you must have realized that their app is total crap and mostly their Captains also confess it. Not much freedom to choose among required type of services and limited cabs in some region make it degraded app. Uber operate with old as well as new cars, which makes a lot of sense, why their service isn’t great as compared to their competitor. To add more, when you pay fare after taking a ride, the Captain didn’t put the remaining change into your wallet. Which makes you feel sicker.

Uber Price Plans and Service Types

Both Cab service provider have hired numerous individuals over past couple of years but contrary to the fact, what I have witness is the reality that, most of the cars owners with Careem and Uber are people who are already running businesses. They are just multiplying their wealth whenever they seek an opportunity in the market. So, the least beneficiary is common man and those working in Government transportation sector, who are enormously affected and their jobs are at stake. One other glitch that I confronted while using both services, the Captain drive car at low speed 50–60km, to save gas and that also means, more time consumption during a ride will also effect fare. Most of Captains also finds it hard to understand GPS correctly and that’s why they mostly ask for directions.

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