Ownership vs Sharing

When I first learnt about capitalism, one of the fundamental tenants that struck me was the right to private property that did not exist en-masse till until few hundred years ago.

‘Right to property’ proved to be such brutal a force that people have spent much of the last 300 years maximizing personal assets above all else, so much so, that we find our leaders and idols in people who have amassed large volumes of private assets.

The world is changing, and as the world changes so does the prevailing social order. Today, Uber is teaching us that owning a car is a waste of resources — especially since that resource lies parked 95% of all its existing lifetime. AirBnB is teaching us — that shelter for the world to live in is already existing, and people just need to share it to maximize benefit. We are soon learning that large cities with intense networks are costly to maintain and grow, and technology is making it easier to transcend boundaries. Hyperloops (LA to SF in 35 mins) or Virtual Reality shows the ecosystems of cities can be leveraged without paying expensive rents. We have various virtual hiring and collaboration tools to assist in the same. Meal sharing platforms allow for a much healthier and distributed food system. LendingClub and TransferWise do the same with our money. Periscope is our latest love, where we all share our world with each other ☺

So, the world is indeed sharing. As Millennials we are setting up a trend — we want to own significantly lesser than our parents generation. We are soon learning the benefits of sharing bikes, cars, machines, spaces, storage, kitchen and more.

This is finally leading to the evolution of platform for individuals to share their intelligence. As Walter Isaacson correctly points out the supreme power of “collaboration” in his book (The Innovators), we can only assume the benefits of massive collaboration.

Its already happening; think Wikipedia, Genius, Captcha, Duolingo etc. that are amazing examples of this. As always, video games are a step ahead — MMOG have been around for a decade.

The other trend is democratizing opportunities away from few centers — presently organized as cities — and bringing opportunities through mobile, internet and other connectivity devices to one and all. This is very very powerful, as we are ushering a whole new intelligence into the economy.

We believe in this change and vision so deeply that we are launching a product to catalyze this vision — Yink.

Yink is where crowdsourcing meets social media. It targets the low expertise tasks required by hundreds and millions of businesses or individuals, which can easily be done by young students, professionals — those left outside traditional economy — or moms who are devoting some time to family. It’s a way for the world to collaborate in small little baby steps by arranging themselves in communities around interests, brands, tasks types etc.

This ability to leverage talent spread across a large skill spectrum from across the globe was something which big corporations “owned”. With Yink our dream is to bring this power to everyone. Plus, communities here don’t just watch and share, but participate and get rewarded instantly — a huge boon in this ‘here & now’ economy.

We believe that a lot of great work can happen by enabling benefits of talent & collaboration at a massive scale. In fact, we foresee large organizations starting to supplement their internal talent (less than 0.001% of the world) with the talent spread across the globe via crowdsourcing and other tools on Yink or similar platforms.

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I am Rish, Co-founder/CEO of YINK and Letsintern. I am a hard working, adrenaline loving technology junkie. I am a triathlete who loves to be outdoors pushing physical limits, or be busy expanding my mental horizon through travel, reading and writing.

Follow me on Twitter :www.twitter.com/rish_says, or connect with me on Linkedin: in.linkedin.com/in/profilerish/

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