What we've learned so far…

What we learned from Beáta Balogová

  1. Use facts, no one cares about your personal opinion
  2. Receiving expensive gifts can influence the journalist
  3. Do not alter the facts based on personal views
  4. Do not push your sources in order to hear what you want to hear
  5. Do not use your privileges for personal reasons
  6. Try to avoid activism, you are a journalist, it could weaken your voice
  7. Always acknowledge the circumstances that could have influenced the writing process
  8. Journalism should not be about what we can and can not do, even though we get scared occasionaly
  9. Reputation is important. You have just one.
Michal Lukáč/YJTE2015
Michal Lukáč/YJTE2015

What we learned from Pavla Holcová

Michal Lukáč/YJTE2015
  1. The V4 countries are currently facing these issues: drug trafficking, corruption, smuggling, human trafficking, off-shore companies
  2. Using the deep web is a great way to enrich the material, but you shall not base the article exclusively on it
  3. Basic tools for money laundering are:
  • Off-shore accounts
  • Proxy (or more proxies)
  • Formation agents
  • Banks

4. The best off-shore locations are mainly countries with no public business registry. Such countries are Cyprus, Andorra, Panama, Belize, the Bahamas aso.

5. The investigative journalism websites that Ms Holcová mentioned — investigativedashboard.org, investigace.cz

Michal Lukáč/YJTE2015
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