Demo Day occurred on August 7th, 2020, where our six teams competed for Grand Prizes from our partner sponsors: GSVlabs, Alchemist Accelerator, and Wiase Capital.

Demo Day showcased Y-Labs Fellows in six teams building social enterprises ranging from microfinance platforms for businesses affected by COVID-19 to health-tech to improve neurological tests.

Fellows come from a diverse range of countries including Nigeria (Ogun and Lagos), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), and Pakistan (Faisalabad), as well as several states including, California, New York, Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Grand Prize Award

NEQuest | Fellows: Phoebe Nabua, Janice Hu, Talal Muzaffar

NEquest aids virtual neurological diagnosis and education, guiding patients through doctor-selected neurological exams to generate quantitative databases for doctors to personalize patient care.

Legendary Legal Titan, Rob Chesnut-Federal and Silicon Valley Lawyer-turned Modern Ethicist Elder and Author traced the arc of his career and sea changes in American Business; while gracefully imparting business and life advice to teen Y-Labs Fellows solving social problems for Silicon Valley non-profits.

Rob Chesnut, Former Chief Ethics Officer of Airbnb

Rob Chesnut, author of a new book on the need for ethics Intentional Integrity, guided the Y-Labs teens with the thought that “intelligence and integrity are certainly not limited to adults. Know that wisdom and leadership can come at any age.”

Y-Labs is wrapping up its third week – with Demo Day showcase next Friday, August 7th

Summer 2020 Fellows have had the opportunity to connect with and be mentored by world-class professionals and industry leaders, develop innovative social enterprise projects, and take classes on emerging technologies like Game Design, AI and Machine Learning, Space Technology, and New Venture Design. At the end of the 4-week program, innovation projects will be displayed at Demo Day.

Our Speakers

So far, we have welcomed eight speakers to our program. We have been honored to host an incredible group of professionals to our virtual classroom this month. Our speakers include:

Bob Purcell Bob is the former Chief Marketing officer of Dunkin’…

Scott, a prominent supporter of Black and Women Founders, brought his infectious enthusiasm and business and life hacks to Y-Labs Teen Business Accelerator Fellows on Thursday July 31, 2020, National Intern Day.

“Nothing brings people together like vulnerability” — Jason Scott

Jason Scott, Google Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem

Google’s Scott dazzled the teen audience, a globally and culturally socially forward teen entrepreneur group, with tips for how to live “A Good Business Life, starting as early as possible.”

Scott admitted that he was envious of the teen’s starting out their socially responsible life so early in life, saying “the earlier you start as an entrepreneur, the faster…

The dynamic and down-to-earth Dr. Pablo Paredes inspired and challenged Y-Labs Teen Business Accelerator Fellows to “focus on solving important problems” and to “bring your heart to CS” in the same unique and multi-dimensional manner that Dr. Parades tackles solving Persistent Health Issues for today’s stressed out world at Pervasive Well-Being Technology Lab at Stanford University’s Medical School.

Tom Kosnik, Silicon Valley Savant-in a give and take dialogue with Y-Lab Teen Accelerator Fellows provided practical life lessons on; How to Cross Chasms, How Silicon Valley works and how to work Silicon Valley, and Why having a Plato-esq view of your life’s mission around work and play and play and work is paramount.

Great discussions led by Professor Kosnik ( taught at Harvard Business School from 1985 to 1989 and at Stanford University from 1990 to 2018), as Tom and the Teen Fellows-the majority of whom are young women of color-from the U.S. …

Larry Namer is the co-founder of the E! Network and the Founder, President & CEO of Metan Global Entertainment — a cross-cultural media company with offices in LA, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Larry Namer — co-founder of E! Network and founder of Metan Global Entertainment

Larry Namer — Cashing in on Pop Culture, Advice to Y-Labs Business Teens

Larry Namer, legendary Global Entertainment guru gave an incredible talk that tackled real world start-up lessons fit for Y-Labs’ culturally and globally diverse group of Teen Business Accelerator attendees.

Larry informed Y-Labs Fellows about the value of diversity and authenticity for long-term business success and a time-honed action list of advice — including; how to break into the television, music, and media, and how to create a successful media…

Y-Labs Ventures’ Teen Business Students motivated by Dan Kammen to create Businesses with Principles and promote Climate Equity, Environmental Justice, and Black Lives Matter.

Dr. Dan Kammen with President Obama

University of California Berkeley Energy Professor and Nobel Laureate contributor Dan Kammen spoke to Y-Labs teen business accelerator students on July 16, 2020. Kammen spoke about his career as a climate scientist at UC Berkeley, his work as an Environmental Envoy for the U.S. State Department under the Obama administration, and the importance for teens to leverage their passions for greater racial and environmental justice. In his talk, Dan noted the importance of racial justice — citing the #blacklivesmatter movement, as well as the importance for teens to advocate for environmental justice, climate science, and clean energy. In line with…

The Social Enterprise Model

Social enterprises solve social issues created by underserved markets or outright market failures with entrepreneurial solutions. These issues are often too large for nonprofits to effectively shoulder or not broad enough for government entities to embrace. Social enterprises fill a much needed gap, straddling the line between nonprofits and traditional businesses, whether as coffee shops, promoting sustainable coffee supply chains or as venture funds financing the future of energy and mobility. …

Exciting news! As part of our ecosystem strategy to build extensive strategic partnerships to continue to enhance different aspects of our programming, Y-Labs has teamed up with Wiase Capital on our 2020 summer entrepreneurship program. The partnership with Wiase Capital, an impact investment and venture philanthropy firm, will focus on ensuring robust Post- Program support for Y-Labs Fellows . Details of the partnership include:

  • Fundraising support to Y-Labs Demo Day winners for additional capital raise in grants and equity after the program.
  • Facilitating workshops on emerging technologies, specifically Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Access to Wiase Capital’s ecosystem of founders…

Y-Labs Ventures

Y-Labs is an accelerator for talented teens that creates entrepreneurial solutions to social issues. Visit Y-Labs Here:

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