A discussion about the breaking of the Internet
Mike Roberts

Email is the worst way of communication in the world.

It looks like most of the people do focus on one sentence only — which is kind of common in these days (doh). And that’s the problem we have in email-based conversations: lack of attention to details, no context evaluation, overreacting and no body talk.

Layers and law-related people take wording seriously. “I’m already working on a project called kik” — followed up with really logical response “don’t, as we own a Trademark on this name, and we’ll be forced to take legal actions against it”.

There was no bullying / threatening about “kik” name on NPM. Whole legal stuff was about open source project, called “kik”. At least from Kik’s side — I believe Azer never understood it.

Mike, comments / explanations near every response would help — e.g. why your “agent” wrote an answer like this, and what he was referring to.

Always hold up a meeting. Or make a call. Or, if you’re writing an email, use smileys at least.

Again: email is the worst way of communication in the world.

Update: if I’d have to choose a side, I’d vote for Azer. F*ck off corporate law, open source is free (that’s why it’s called “open”). While NPM had a loose-loose situation, they could handle it professionally (which they didn’t).

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