Flowers to charm and rejuvenate your loved one on marriage anniversary !!!

Every flower has its own charm and magic which can be used to make your loved one feel even more special.Flowers can be used to brighten up someone’s mood, to cheer them up , to make them feel good and fresh.

Mood swings nowadays are very common, a person living in a Cosmopolitan city like Bangalore has to deal with various issues like traffic jam, time management, changing weather, peer pressure, growth opportunities, job insecurities in private sector and managing personal chores. In keeping up with all these issues and managing a good lifestyle, a person has to play many roles like a doting father, good employee of a company, subordinate to someone and boss to the other.There are many ways in which people try to make themselves happy and stress free — they try gym, yoga, table tennis, Foosball sessions, tea and coffee breaks, birthday and anniversary celebrations and team outings.Lot of people in Bangalore love to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries as it gives them a reason to relax and enjoy with their loved ones, in otherwise busy life, these celebrations gives them a breather and refresher.The celebrations are unimaginable without a scrumptious cake, a naughty cake cutting ceremony and a big bunch of flowers.

There are so many things to do and so many roles to play , so much so that most neglected and taken for granted relationship is that of your spouse. You do so much for everyone around you but sometimes miss to do something for the one person closest to you — your spouse. For men it is hard to express their feelings in words so flowers are their best bet which can never go wrong. Any bunch of flower given with a lovely smile on face can make way to the heart of recipient.Flowers invariably convey the love, affection and warmth across to your wife.

There are times when you are late to reach home — stuck in meeting/traffic, and it is ‘OK’ generally but if its your wife’s birthday or your anniversary(I m talking to the Men here ☺)…. you are so dead !!!!! Just order flowers in bangalore through winni, on your smartphone (through internet/call) … You reach home and flowers reach there too — it will definitely melt her heart and your will experience only the love and joy of the moment and celebrations to come further.

I feel flowers are received equally happily and gratefully by men as by women. Women are good at expressing themselves and show their love explicitly, but sometimes when feelings are conveyed unspoken they create more magical and cherish-able moments. Women,you can also use flowers in situations where you need to make yourself relaxed and your husband happy.

Sometimes it may happen that it is your birthday or anniversary or any other personal celebration (I m talking to the Lady of the house here …;) ), your husband is stuck in traffic or meeting or urgent work (GOD knows what !),and expects you to take it easy, but he knows that he will not be spared by you once he is home. So he pretends to be more tired than actually he is (I m just guessing,no offences to men out there), you can help him relax and feel better by greeting him with a big bouquet of lovely flowers. Definitely it will relax and rejuvenate him, now you can make up for the lost time and have a great evening ahead.

We know that nowadays women have plethora of things to do , so we are here to offer a little help, you can place your order for flowers (n cakes n gifts… if you wish) online or on phone at Winni and we will not fail to delight you.

This is just an example of how flowers can add a little magic to your celebration…but you can use flowers without any occasion, just celebrate your loving relation with people around you and you will feel how beautifully fragrant your life become.Flowers are there with you for short time but they can make a difference for a lifetime.

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Originally published at on December 5, 2014.