Rewind, Recap, Restart!

It’s the second week of 2016 and everyone’s getting back to work, school and life in general, post the big holiday season. With ambitious resolutions, a tad too much optimism and an overload of positivity — this time of the year can sure can get a little over the top! But to be honest, I appreciate the sense of a phase coming to an end and another beginning, rather than acting like this is all a big blur with no separate chapters. I like chapters — a lot! Always have, since I was a kid and got my first book.

December’s that time of the year, when we get nostalgic and introspective, when so many conversations are about what happened this year, how quickly it went by, what an eventful year it was and other similar nondescript things we like to say when we don’t actually recall much. From coffee breaks with colleagues to the dinner table repartee with your spouse to that lazy morning with your parents to the sentimental texting with your friends or siblings, every conversation somehow revolves around the theme of rewinding to the beginning of the year and recollecting things. It’s like a rite of passage — to elaborate, sum up, brood, ignore, rejoice, and prepare ourselves for the next chapter.

And last week I started thinking about how this cycle extends to other spaces. For instance, the only TV show I have watched in a while ‘How to get away with murder’ took a mid season break end of year, and is returning to the cliffhanger in a few weeks (hopefully with some new plot twists!). John Oliver is doing the same and he is hardly a conformist, so guess this cycle to stop, recollect and restart is a real thing! As someone who’s been ‘involved’, for the lack of a better word, with internet technology, digital trends and online video, I am seeing this exact pattern present itself online as well. Over the last few years I have laughed and cried, watching yearly recaps and new year welcomes from so many YouTube creators I love and obsess over and this has become an integral part of this cycle for me. Its incredibly personal to hear about their highlights/lowlights, what surprised them what didn’t, things that worked out, missed chances and then switching gears to what excites them about the year to come, what they dream about accomplishing, their plans, fears and resolves. This year was no exception to the rule!

From Casey Neistat talking about the best year of his life, yet to Tyler Oakley’s very inclusive 100 things we did in 2015 to Lilly Singh’s as usual emotional wrap to Pentatonix’s musical thank you to Rosanna Pansino’s delicious recap to the pun intended cinnamon goals from Hannah Hart to Hank Green doing what he does best, ringing in the new year by sharing another nugget of knowledge to YouTube’s own 4 year old tradition — the mega production, highly talked about Rewind and finally The Fine Brother’s YouTubers react to YouTube rewind — this has been another season of new and old traditions, of habits good and bad and I can say with certainty, I loved it! As an ardent supporter of YouTube and the creator community, this makes me happy, excited and hopeful for things to come and times to be.

What I also really wanted to say was, Happy New Year! And as they say in John and Hank Green’s home town, DFTBA.

Ps. Coz there’s just always something more, after you’ve said all that you thought you had to say — happy to get your feedback and ideas and requests for things to come, if they do. Again, DFTBA.

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