Shot on the X100F by Yarden.

I’m not the type of photographer to carry more than one camera at any given time (except for my iPhone), but if I could I would and they would be these Cameras. The Fujifilm X100F and GFX 50S.

A step by step guide for getting tested in Toronto Ontario.

Photo: The Canadian Press

Many people are getting COVID-19 assessments all around the world. This article is a step by step explanation of the process in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From my own experience. Hope you find this helpful and it can clear up any questions you may have. Before you get tested do a self-assessment and check for any symptoms here.

Choosing an Assessment Center:

Once you think you are ready to take the test, find a local assessment center. You can find a link to all available locations here. They are mostly in local hospitals, and…

Contributors to the first issue of our newsletter come from: West End Phoenix, Exclaim! Media, CBC, and Vox Media.

Photo: Yarden Haddi

Welcome to perspectivves, a newsletter dedicated to sparking conversations about all things digital media and journalism.

It’s graduation season, and that means there’s a whole new wave of j-school grads looking to make their own dent in the world of journalism. We reached out to four individuals in the industry and asked them all the same question: through the perspective of your own work, what advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in our field? This is what they had to say:

My advice to graduates is not to overlook the smaller players. Sure, large news outlets have established internship programs and can be a great place to cut your teeth. But, you can learn a heck of a lot about the news business from indie publications, and so many new ones are sprouting up. Small pubs like ours operate with a really small team, but that means there’s always a need for help in so many facets of the business: not just reporting but editorial planning, social media development, marketing, event organizing. …

From the perspective of an actual Torontonian.

Toronto by me.

Today Google’s Sidewalk Labs CEO, Daniel Doctoroff, announced they would be “no longer pursuing the Quayside project.” As sudden as it may be, I’m sure many city officials and residents are unsure how they feel. Rejection always stings. With the recent global situation, I had some thoughts on the project and how it could have been a net gain for Toronto and the rest of the world.

The many issues people had with the original idea of Sidewalk Labs where based on privacy concerns, company control etc. As controlling as Google may be, the city had every right to fear…

The unwritten rules of etiquette for Zoom or any other online conferencing service.

Larry David, the supreme judge of unwritten rules, and the late, great Bob Einstein.

It’s always easier to speak in person, you don't have to deal with constructed and polished responses, the tone in which the message was said, etc. Online conferencing is the epidemy of corporate communication and a cesspool of workplace jargon.

This is only on how to facilitating discussion. Having a successful meeting by following the unwritten rules, written below.

Make sure the organizer has laid the ground rules for a discussion.

You need one person to pass the torch to whomever is either designated to speak or is looking to speak, follow the queue system. …

Chicago Mercantile Exchange 1997 by Andreas Gursky

Corona Virus & OPEC a serious case of the Monday’s

MONDAY MARCH 9 2020 — Oil has fallen 24% in it’s worst day since 1991, the Dow is down more than 1,800 points and, the S&P 500 has sunk more than 7%. All this spells out uncertainty. This morning uncertainty was on everyone’s mind from investors to medical experts, reports of increasing Caronovirus spread and OPEC dealings with Russia falling out created all the requirements for a tumultuous period in economic activities. Global supply lines are halting, Airports and Cruises are portrayed as deathtraps, and an intense democratic primary is underway. These factors led to a circuit breaker halting trade…

Nokia 6310 mobile phone and a postcard.

Welcome to the PR era, where your public relations and engagement skills are everything. The way you present yourself and the way others see you is based entirely on your online image.

In the past we communicated by mail and telephone, occasionally sending paper prints of ourselves to family. All of this changed with the advent of phones, communications transcended the simple text or call and we started sharing our lives. Presenting ourselves in an ever saturated pool of images trying to stand out. …

The slack of human behaviour is dying and tech is killing it.

For decades and even centuries, people lived with the ability to slide out of situations, sneak into others and negotiate the seemingly impossible into possible.

The School of Athens, Fresco by Raphael - 1511 Source

It is widely considered that one of the best periods of art was the Renaissance from the 1500s. Much like today’s culture it took inspiration from the past and shined a new light on it to create some of the most prolific works of art by some of the greatest artists in history. Oddly enough these paintings weren’t as artistic as they were scientific. …


Ambitious, Bitzu'ist. “I used to write rhymes now I write columns.”

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