LG SmartThinq Hub

So here is how the LG SmartThinq Hub product came into being.

One of the top executives at LG who bears a striking resemblance to Dilbert’s pointy haired boss, called a meeting with some LG engineers.

He told them about the Amazon Echo and that it gave him an epiphany. LG would build something similar, but better! The engineers were very excited because they had also seen the Amazon Echo and knew they could build something better. They would use Google Now technology and integrate it with other Google applications. It would be awesome. They were surprised that Google hadn’t already thought of it.

The executive said, no, no, no. My idea is even BETTER then Amazon’s. Our product isn’t going to have voice commands. It’s just going to have speakers, and a display on top. The LG engineers were dumb founded. The voice command part of Echo is what makes it such a great product. Why build something without that? But knowing how egotistical this particular executive is, and how he never listens to the advice of engineers, they didn’t try to dissuade him from the path of building this piece of crap that no one will ever buy. Well, maybe a few will buy it, but immediately return because they mistook it for the Amazon Echo.

Flash forward 12 months and the top LG executives are together looking over product sales numbers and they come upon the SmartThinq hub and they see pitiful sales. Obviously the idea for the product was wonderful because a fellow LG executive had thought of it. They decided the reason for the low sales numbers was due to poor engineering, so they gave the executive a bonus, and fired the engineers.

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