Dear entrepreneur: Don’t quit your job just yet

I’been reading articles and articles about how to be successful, how to become independent, how to feel free because you are doing your “passion”, how to quit your job and become the most happy person in the world (bull$”%$)…, I’ll tell you something, If you quit your job, you are probably the most poor person in the world, but not the happiest… Nobody tells you that you need to have some VERY SERIOUS savings before quitting your job and start that brand new idea you want to develop.

I just make a problem to myself, because I was used to gain some amount of money every month and suddenly it stops, yeah I’m free, doing what i like, but I don’t even want to go spend some money in that coffee because I have to save it, for my business, so am I reaaally free?… there’s bills to pay and food to buy and no money so save because remember? I quit my job and as a consequence, I’m poor with a big amount of stress.

I become an entrepreneur, thinking with all my heart i can make it, and the truth is, I CAN, but I never thought it will requires more time than my savings could last…

So here’s is my advice.

  1. If you want to become an entrepreneur, first thing is to make a BIG piggy bank account in order to survive with the minimal for some months or a least one year.
  2. Start with a chronological plan to start working with your idea, if not, you will loose time and eventually all of your money.
  3. And because i know you will spend that savings in the first 3 months, prepare a list of skills you can do as a freelancer, so you can gain some cash, it could be from baking cupcakes to sell photography etc..
  4. Stop reading shitty articles like mine, and just start working!, as nike will say: Just Do it!
  5. And Last but not least, Believe in yourself and never doubt you can do it, and when the times arrives, you definitely will be the most happy person in the world.
“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.”
Tony Robbins
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