I don’t care what motivational articles say, I don’t want to be successful

Here’s how I feel about your damn inspiring articles

Dear Internet, please stop with the motivational quotes and the inspirational articles. I don’t want to learn ‘15 things successful people do before 6am’ and ‘what great leaders read during the weekend’ are. I don’t want to improve myself, I don’t want to achieve more, I don’t want to be better than the rest.

The internet is a bitch. It wants to you to feel like it’s here to help you, that it’s pushing you to be your best self, when in reality, it just wants you to feel worthless and lazy.

Let’s be real, most people writing inspirational articles or publishing lists of successful people haven’t done much, don’t know much. Most of them want to feel better by sharing their so-called life lessons, they want to feel like they’ve learned something, they know something most people don’t, they’re trying to convince themselves they made it.

Those last years, I’ve been doing a thousand things: I’ve learned a new language (poorly), I’ve helped entrepreneurs change the world (but did they really need my help?), I’ve started my company (and closed it). I’ve done my best to grow and reach new levels, and I still feel I’m lagging behind most people I know.

I’m surrounded with people who made Forbes’ 30 under 30, who are on their way to make their first TV show, who built a startup so groundbreaking that it could change the way the internet works, who are literally saving lives working for NGOs. What do I do?

I’ve had it. It’s time to say STOP.

I have no desire in waking up before 8:00am, I don’t want to stay up at night thinking about my employees, I don’t want to struggle before I can make it big, I don’t want to aim higher all the freaking time, I don’t want every aspect of my life to be optimized, I don’t want to compare and question myself constantly.

I want to be normal, unambitious, lazy almost.

I want to relax, have fun, enjoy the moment. I want peace of mind. I want to be proud of myself. I want to feel good about who I am, what I do.

Me, from now on

It’s not going to be easy to accept that I’m not going to have a future as grand as my friends and network but I need to. I’m sure I could though but I’m also sure it’s not what will make me happy.

That doesn’t mean my life will be mediocre. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have a mediocre life if I wanted too; I’m too optimistic, enthusiastic and borderline compulsive about everything. I will work as a great employee in companies that I like (but not in a zealous way), I will give a few hours of my month to volunteer (but only a few hours), and I will make a difference with small gestures — a smile, a coin, holding a door.

So here it goes.

Dear Internet, I’ve made my mind and there’s nothing you can say to make me change my mind.

Dear Internet, I will resist at your temptation, I will stop trying to be the better person you desperately try to make me, I will be myself, a happy self, and that’s enough.

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