I’m A Crazy Person Obviously …..

But what’s wrong with being a little crazy , Acting a little odd , doing things that aren’t quite in step with everyone else ?


My craziness and fun loving attitude of exploration and Zero boundaries has taken me all over the world. It’s brought me into some of the most fascinating and unimaginable situations !

I used to say “What’s wrong with me” Or “why can’t i just be normal and get along” Like everyone else.

Early in my life this was my number one struggle , Not being like everyone else caused me much confusion , struggle and conflict with my peers and authority figures. Those questions most likely came from them, those never would have been my words. Inside iv’e always felt disconnected from this world and the mundanities of life. So i sought out excitement and adventure and iv’e never stopped.

Searching for the life i am truly meant to live , the person iv’e always been. It’a been a long and hard road and i’m nowhere near my destination because there is no final destination. No arriving , only continual discovery and exploration of self.

I don’t ask those questions anymore, because i know you can’t answer a question that doesn’t apply

There is nothing wrong with me

I don’t need to be normal

I need to be myself , always true to THY self. The voice that can be heard if your quite enough to hear.

That is my authority figure , my guide as i continue on my journey of life.

Don’t let anyone ask you these questions and if your asking yourself , just stop. “Accept yourself and the whole world will accept you”…..

“Keep Moving Forward”

Taylor J

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