I Miss Nothing
James Altucher

Iv’e got to say you lost me right here “There’s nothing really to do. The world doesn’t need more DO-ers. A lot of people DO things that are meaningless and then they die.”

We all die regardless of what we DO or Don’t do. A lot of life is meaningless if you choose to see it that way. I would consider myself a Do-er but wholly different than what your apparent understanding of the word is.

I am a person that sets out to DO something , to finish what i start, to accomplish my goals.

I wonder if your not in a state of reflection after this big life changing event and having been through all you have, reflecting that it might have been better to never endeavor to DO it in the first place.

But what your leaving out from the story is “That we need DO-er’s. The world is full of people who DO NOTHING against oppression , Injustice , Slavery and the like. Without people who stand up and DO something about it we are doomed.

Sorry if this doesn’t jive with your interpretation but that’s my 2 Cents ….

“Keep Moving Forward”