Can I be a CMO, advisor and co-founder all at the same time?

This is not a how-to guide or something like that, but rather, my own personal update about my career path and what’s to come. There will be no solid answer to the above question in this first post, but I promise to give you updates here and there about my successes and failures along this wild journey. This is only the beginning.

“What are all of these new roles you are taking on?”

You are right. I owe you all an explanation. A few days ago I updated my LinkedIn profile and received over 650 messages from people congratulating me and asking me about these updates.

Astonished by the community’s reaction, I decided that I can easily spare another 2 hours from my 24/7 hectic schedule to write about these developments. And, as a person that champions productivity and efficiency in every process or workplace of which I am a part, here is a TL;DR for you:

Everything is amazing. My career as a marketing executive at Webydo is at its peak. I’m advising a groundbreaking startup called Wisdo on marketing to business strategy. I recently co-founded a product for marketers,, which is still in early beta but gaining huge momentum among professionals in the marketing community…

Less amazing and, to be honest, something that’s presenting me with a significant challenge, is the work-life balance. I work too hard. Way too hard. I know that this is not sustainable and this is a theme that I will explore more throughout the course of my journey as a CMO, advisor and co-founder.

For those of you who want to dive deeper with me into the details of these new and ongoing endeavors, here you go:

CMO at Webydo

I joined Webydo as CMO about 4 years ago and, ever since then, have worked to bring this beautiful company to where it is today — one of the strongest, most prominent brands in the code-free web design sphere. We raised around $17m, have 300k B2B users and thousands of paying users. No one can take away this success and the deep gratification of taking an idea and transforming it into an almost profitable business.

There’s currently something huge in the works at Webydo. Something synergistic and so game-changing that I can’t share it just yet, but, as I previously posted on Facebook, you should prepare your newsfeeds for an epic announcement and prepare them well.

When talking about success with Webydo and in the other projects I’ve set out on, I’d like to tip my hat to Shmulik Grizim, Webydo’s CEO and co-founder. This hi-tech rhino taught me so many things about myself and about how to manage a large scale organization that I really owe him a big part of my professional success. Moreover, the flexibility he shows and the supportive approach he takes towards my own projects is nothing short of amazing. Thank you, great man!

Strategic Marketing and Business Advisor at Wisdo

When I first met with the resident Wisdo’nians, Boaz Gaon and Ido Engel, I said to myself, at last, people who don’t speak about disruption but about vision. And what a vision it is…!

Wisdo is here to map out our life events — from health issues, to career changes and even things like parenthood and adoption.

Their product is essentially a dynamic stream of timelines. There are numerous paths on which individuals, that have already walked them, share their knowledge and wisdom. You, as someone who is just starting to “walk” on one of these paths can explore what others did at the same junctures. Moreover, you have the ability to see the multiple outcomes for a path you are about to set out on and what’s to come.

To shed more light on the value of this product, let’s take a hard example of parenting a child with autism. As most of you know, my younger brother suffers from this mental disorder, so maybe this is the reason I feel so engaged with this specific stream of events.

Let’s think together. As a parent of a child who may have autism, what would you do? Google it? Well, these search results aren’t looking too promising in terms of finding help. Would you Quora it? Good luck with handling the data overload over there. Would you ask a friend? Join a support group? All these are possibilities, but asking someone that is in your situation and that has already dealt with what you are just coming to terms with is most likely the best solution.

What Wisdo does, is bring all these people together and their collective “wisdom” to the masses. It is a place where experience, knowledge and well… wisdom, collide creating a life-saving platform.

As a strategic marketing and business advisor at Wisdo, I both imagine and create the user journey, bringing this idea of collective wisdom to life in the most scalable and sustainable way.

Co-Founder at

This product is taking so much of my time and attention but it is truly paying off in the form of solid growth simply via word-of-mouth and the amazing feedback I have received from other professional marketers. I co-founded this extension with Israel’s leading web designer, Tomer Lerner, and developer, Idan Yalovich.

Zest is a new tab extension for Chrome that shows you a curated and customizable view of the best marketing content across the web. Professional marketers may suggest content and only the most up-to-date pieces with a significant added value are approved by a real-time marketing moderator (me 😉 ).

Even though this product is only in an early beta, we already have a strong community of around 400 marketing professionals (and growing) who are using Zest on a hourly basis, 24/7. In about a month, we plan on releasing a completely new version that will knock you out. We are planning a full-scale launch at the end of November, this year (ready your feeds x2!).

Monthly Pageviews Growth — Zest Chrome New Tab Extension

Wrapping it up

Aside from that, I’m advising other startups in my free time and helping everyone I can to find new employees or jobs. Good karma 🙌

Wearing all these hats is new to me. Responsibility and pressure are elements that feed me as a professional, however, trying to chew on all of these at the same time is a hell of a challenge.

So, that’s it for my little (big) update. Feel free to ask me anything here or DM me on Facebook and LinkedIn.