In the complex chain of events
a component you will mostly find
a functional part of the whole
with props and state inside

It lives and dies like any other
A journey that begins and ends.
It starts of with a constructor
And will unmount at the very end.

In true Rube Goldberg fashion
The cycle of life continues
For the first call of the constructor
Is but the beginning of the end.

Oh! and there are listeners
for change you will mostly find
In the bowels of the method
of the ComponentWillMount defined

When all is successful
and moth morphs to a butterfly
componentDidMount is called
The cries of a birth we can’t deny

If by chance or design
the props of the component change
then ComponentWillReceiveProps
and maybe set new state

Hence, to a prying eye
A view appears on the horizon
when a setState is called onChange
And the component is re-render()ed

and yes! lest I forget,
Listeners must die at the unmount
For change is constant in life
but in death, we all must bid change goodbye

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