My Bootcamp Experience So Far…

I was going to write a lot of inspirational stuff; However, I am exhausted, and just took my first ever can of Power Horse. It is safe to say that this is moderately hard, and I am hyperactive. It is not so hard that you are discouraged, but not so easy that it is a breeze. I guess the bootcamp is just the right mix of challenging and rewarding.

The first day of the bootcamp was exciting, I remember waking up too early from a dream of me already in camp, but that is by the way. This entire experience inspires excellence, from the Ventures Platform venue that is brilliantly designed, to the Facilitated sessions that are thought provoking and enriching. I am happy with what I have learnt, and I feel my mind already changing. I imagine four years at Andela would be very rewarding if this is the culture they maintain.

A very important part of these two days has been time management. I now look at the clock like money in my wallet; a resource I have to effectively manage. I don’t waste time on unimportant things, although I must confess that I miss arguing Trump policies on a Whatsapp group I frequent.

Finally, I have to say Javascript is sort of confusing, my BFA has been great help with unravelling it, but it is not like any language I have written. I also feel a little disconcerted about implementing the ES5 version and unlearning that if I get accepted into the fellowship.

In summary, the bootcamp has been challenging so far, but that’s not such a terrible thing, life would be boring without the challenges.

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