Summer’s Getting Older

Yesterday, I was sitting in my desk at home, creating the lyrics for my IA project. Since the genre of my track is tropical house, I wanted to create a “beachy” vibe to the song. After adding some piano chords and Marimba hits, I began to reflect about all those years of sand, and nonstop fun.

I went to Las Brisas when I was very little. But then, my family decided to go to Santa Maria.

Santa Maria was basically a sanctuary for my. I could spend all time with my Cousins and family which I could not do in Brisas. And even though I left some friends behind, I knew it was for the best.

Years passed, and we began to hang out with new people. And even though I didn’t realize it at first, we became a huge group of around 50 teens or even more roaming the Malecon at night in search for some fun.

And even though I remember how we would go to the Chico-teca at 8pm and end up running from the security guards so that they did not take us out of the “club”, I also remember how this summer we were almost busted by the police just for lighting a fire and singing around it in Playa Grande.

And that is when you realize, that Summer is getting older.

♪ As you hear the sound of crashing waves

and feel the heat around your shoulders ♫

♫ never forget

That Summer’s getting older ♪

“Yes! That’s it!”

I exclaimed with Joy. I had finally found the lyrics of my song. And let me tell you, I am no lyrics composer. But sometimes, to make something new, you must look back to your past experiences. They might give you ideas or (in this case) exactly what you need in order to accomplish your goal.

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