The Melody born from Within

September 22, 2000. The day that I was born. I lay there, crying as the soft rays of sunshine warmed up my premature chest. I gazed upon the endless blue sky from inside my incubator. My twin brother wasn’t so lucky: he didn’t make it.

I was taken out of the hospital and into a plane. It took me to Houston, where my parents would hand their newborn baby to the hands of nurses they had never met in their lives, but just so that he would not end up like his now lost brother.

When a man places his hands in the chords of an instrument, he creates something new. With every stride of the guitar, or key of the piano, a new melody is made. Some melodies might make it, and others may not.

But what I can tell you is that after the collective perseverance of myself and many others, I am here writing this message to you. While hearing the music that I make and love.

When you have a goal, don’t let it go.

Layers and layers of experience, pain, joy, and sadness have strengthened me, just like the piano and strings enchant the melody with mesmerizing sounds. I don’t miss my twin brother, because he is still with me. His presence can be felt in all of my actions and songs alike. And both of us are able to live the thrill of creating a melody, string by string, key by key.

And all I can say is, seeing the whopping expressions of my relatives and friends as they realize I can do much more than just be myself, can’t make me feel better. Because they now know that I transmit myself to others through my music.

As they delve into my melodies and enjoy them, I feel happiness and bliss that I will never forget, because it is something that I will forever yearn to do. Even in those times when I can’t feel him anymore.

Whenever you feel like there is no hope, whenever there is no one to back you up, never stop being yourself. Transmit yourself to others, keep on creating new melodies.

And as time goes by you will look back and see; those melodies which you created during those tough times, are the ones which will stand the test of time.

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