Tirar la Toalla

Sometimes, I feel like I just drift away. Like one more pebble driven by the current of a river. And sometimes, it’s quite depressing.

No matter what you do, or the amount of effort you place into your actions, some people won’t hesitate to crush them all.

While reading J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, I came to this sad realization. And for Holden (the main character), I feel like it’s the same.

For starters, Holden is sort of like a rebel. And even though I don’t see myself as one, I do find that sometimes Holden and I struggle to keep up with other people’s expectations.

Of course, he just decides not to do stuff and ends up flunking in almost every term, but when I read an essay which he wrote for his history class, I can see that he has some knowledge on the term (probably enough to get a 4/8); but he decides not to.

He just stops, like if he was fed up with everything that society was throwing at him. In spanish, we call that: Tirar la toalla. However, that is something I’m not too fond of doing.

And it’s something that I’ll try my best not to do anytime soon.

But think for just a second. How can you please everyone with a single action? What if your greatest effort is just not enough?

Because if you think deeply about these questions, I’m sure you’ll most probably rise to the same conclusion as I did… that you are only another pebble in the river.

However this can be changed. We can all change. But we’ll change with time.

Like another saying in spanish states: Las cosas no se hacen de la Noche a la Mañana.

Change doesn’t come from one day to the next.

And those who are still pebbles in the river must understand that.