Meditation and Motivation

Meditation is both easy and hard.

Mustering up the motivation to sit down and meditate is the hardest part about meditation. It is easy for us to make excuses, as to why we are too busy to sit and meditate, but ten minutes to meditate is only a small part of the day, and almost everyone has the time.

The reason motivation to meditate may be hard too find, is that, we are always looking for stuff to do, and meditation is the act of non-doing.

But when we do sit down and we do meditate ,we find it to be quite calming. We notice how fast our mind was running before. We watch our thoughts go by and we do not cling to them: we just let our thoughts go, and the mind begins to slow.

Ten minutes in and meditation feels like the easiest thing in the world. When we finish meditation, we feel calmer and lighter.

The hard thing about meditation is summoning the motivation to sit still for a while. The easy part about meditation is meditating. Whether we feel motivated or not, we should find the time each day to meditate on our breath, and when we finish we will think ‘that wasn’t so hard’!