Alessandro Michele Expresses His “Fashion Philosophy” with His Set Design at Gucci S/S18

Gucci Spring Summer 2018 in Milan

Each season, there are numerous fashion shows, awards, trends, and advancements for critics to report, assess and ponder over, some more charming than others. On September 20, Gucci’s creative executive, Alessandro Michele, presided over Gucci’s Spring 2018 collection in Milan, getting the fashion fraternity talking, given that he has been rather reclusive since he took over form his predecessor Frida Gianinni in 2015.

In the last two years, he has been credited with changing the way to world views Gucci. In addition to fronting many set designs that often become iconic symbols of what’s trending today, this season, his schematic vision harks back to classic antiquity. According to Gucci’s official Instagram page, this year’s runway represents Rome’s Tiber River (which has been the site of wars, engineering achievements and international trade), while the backdrop was surrounded with classic sculptures and stone arches. Indian, Egyptian, and Aztec styles, Michele once again made a statement; this time giving architectural history a modern interpretation.

Runway Looks from Vogue

During the show, Michele spoke about the fashion philosophy with his set design at Gucci’s Spring 2018 collection. Various floral prints with animal, insect and flower elements are one of the symbol elements of Gucci; neutral friendly suits came down the runway in numbers; street styles like vintage sport jackets with a slew of covetable accessories are attract young adults; Eastern culture elements like embroidery and Chinese knotting, and household cartoon elements like a bedazzled Snow White sweater, all the elements actually on wearable pieces. Moreover, 80s glam elements as models’ teased hair, bigger shoulder pads, glorious colors and bedazzling on jackets, blazers and suits brings classical things to the future.

For Michele, creation characterizes a poeticized behavior. This season’s collection symbolizes the conquest of aesthetics. Other people believe that “less is more”, but Michele claims that “more is better”. In his runway, he wants Gucci consumers to oppose the symmetry of fashion and be individualistic.