What Women Don’t Say

Elisa Mariño wrote: It’s a good story, has got so many reactions. I wonder why some people think that a short story is a statement on *all* men and got defensive. I think this story only talks about *some* kind of relationships.

The reason is fundamentally in the title: “Women” that’s a collective.
Pregnancy, endured by no man ever. Therefore a “women” issue.
While every pregnancy, every delivery isn’t the same, some fundamental issues are experienced by *every* woman. Thereby “women” experience distention of the abdomen, yet every woman doesn’t experience lactation — merely an overwhelming majority.

If the title read: Silence ~ A Woman’s Story, the reception would be less pandemic. That said, I read the woman’s lines in my 1950’s mother’s voice.
We’ve moved past the ’50s “slut shaming” where a divorced woman was “loose” and shunned by other women, as a threat to their marriage.
Or incompetent, if divorced and the husband took-up with the mistress.

Now? If he’s that much of an ass? Kick it to the curb. 
Welcome to the 1990s.