CC Sabathia is Back With the Yankees

Today has been a hectic day for pinstripe fans. With all of the Kluber, Paxton, and Carrasco talk, the Yankees have agreed to a 1 year $8M deal to bring back CC Sabathia for the 2019 season. The Yankees are hoping that CC will be able to give them another solid year, while potentially swapping starts with Jordan Montgomery who should be back from Tommy John surgery around July.

Photo Credit: The Athletic

This is an interesting move by the Yankees for some people, but in my opinion, it all makes sense. As we saw from the Gardner deal, the Yankees still believe that there is something left to offer from their veterans. Regardless of CC being in the starting rotation on Opening Day, this provides the needed depth for the Yankees. It seems like the Yankees are trying to completely avoid any chances of having to bring up people like German and Cessa for spot starts next year. Since this is a year where the Yankees are going to go all in, they need to make sure they have depth so those kind of situations do not happen again.

Although the quick assumption is that CC had a bad 2018, he actually didn’t. Even with a couple DL stints here and there, he was able to start 29 games and pitch 153 innings with a 3.65 ERA. In comparison, Tanaka started 27 games and pitched 156 innings with a 3.75 ERA last year. Tanaka was considered to be our best and most consistent starting pitcher all year. CC is never going to go deep in a game, but he is able to give you that 5 IP and 2 ER consistently.

Photo Credit: Lifestyle Sports 101

CC Sabathia is a proven leader in the clubhouse. He is one of the only people left besides Gardner and Robertson who have experienced that 2009 championship with the New York Yankees. I am not surprised at all that this move was made. We were able to get him for cheap and we were able to get someone who knows how to lead this team. For everyone freaking out, this move will not get in the way of any other moves. We are still going to be signing or trading for other talent. This is just to give us depth for the 2019 season. So let’s not freak out over a move made in November before we see anything else happen yet. The Yankees will make sure CC Sabathia ends his career with two championship rings.