Lincoln University, a short compliment.

An entire student life set on campus. It may be a dream for some and for others a nightmare. However, it all depends on the aspects you prefer in your student life. Anyway, I’m quite sure that everyone will agree on the fact that Lincoln University is not just one or two steps ahead of our Belgian higher educational model, but miles.

You literally don’t have to go in town for anything if you don’t want to. Everything happens within a 50-yard range. Lectures, having a drink in the pub, go out partying, literally everything happens on campus here at Lincoln University.

I forgot to mention that the Tower Bar -which serves excellent dishes at considerable prices and a lovely view over campus- provides some of the greatest parties in Lincolnshire every Wednesdays with concerts and artists from all over the United Kingdom.

But beside all that there’s also a bit of studying to do. And with the high-end warehouse-like library, the university has set an example of how a student library is supposed to look, feel and be.

For example: a university library in Belgium provides books, computers and all the other necessary stuff you need to have a pleasant study session.

However, some students tend to open their books a bit late at night because they can’t properly concentrate during the day.

The reason isn’t relevant anyway. What is relevant however, is the fact that libraries in Belgium close in the evening. But that’s not the case at Lincoln University. Its library is open for 24 hours every day of the week. So, you can go read a book or have a study session any time you want.

And the magnificence doesn’t end there. The high-end equipped library with iMacs and high-end windows platforms all over the place, provides every single book it has in a digital format. So, you don’t really have to go out if you don’t want to. You just log on and read any book you prefer back home.

In short, there’s just this thing about the university’s educational model that makes ours in Belgium look archaic and outdated.