19 Again, (Night Skylight), 11/7/2015 past midnight (Editted 13/7/2015)

Penny for my thoughts
On the ground past legality
Conversation abound of all sorts
My tummy rumbles anticipatorily

Abashed with desire for gore
Strike out the kitchen galore
Pour me a glass of barrelled lore
Sipping till we transpose this score

Her voice opens up a portal through time
With belief it exists only in my mind
None of this processable by enzyme
Ring me back, the network’s lost in kind

Chime by the clock hands extend upright
Like a shot we are catapulted into the dark
Candide feet shuffle to where it is bright
Wherein equitable contrasts leave a mark.

A cornered fan usurps the sea breeze
Maxed out dancing upon the seats
A star winks at me without sleaze
I am lost to the reverie in these beats

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