I thought about you today.

People know they’re inlove when they feel butterflies in their stomach or when they catch themselves smiling for no reason.

I’m inlove with you. Through all all the drama, and through the obstacles of life i find myself missing you.

And i’m inlove with you. Not because I freely act stupid around you or because you make me feel complete.

I’m in love with you. not because i tell my friends all about you.

And I’m inlove with you, not because predicting scenarios in my head for both of us had been a big part of my day recently and not because i feel it right in my chest not because i’m so happy that it hurts.

I’m inlove with you, because i find myself writing about you all the time, drawing hearts on every paper i find in my hand before i realize it, i know it’s all because of you. I know i’m in love with you because writing had always been my passion and i don’t always predict myself. I don’t know the language of my feelings. I write because i don’t know what i feel until i read what i say. and i write because my feelings speak only through my pencil. The passion in my pen is as the passion i have in my heart for you.

And i’m in love with you.

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