Thursday’s Trick

4:30 AM. You wake up. You think your eyes are still shut, but it was probably just you staring into the dark. You probably were half asleep. You decide to check your phone for the time only to be greeted with something odd. Something like kjdq1xoeu.

And as you frown to focus and untangle the micro momentarily confusion, your mouth curls into a smile. You’re silly. You had fallen asleep while chatting. You erase the gibberish on your Whatsapp, remember that you told yourself you wanted to get a head-start on the day and so you change the alarm on your clock.

You open Facebook. Both your eyes were now open, fully staring at the screen. The brightness was on its lowest. But it still stung your eyes, it didn’t matter. It still felt good. By now your brain’s regular activity was being regained. You observe that. And it annoys you. That one mattered. It’s like you wanted to disregard your body’s well-being, but your mental sanity was more important. “Fair enough”, you tell yourself.

And then the music starts playing. In your head. It was irrelevant, and somehow both muffled and loud. It distorted your concentration. Like a neighbor’s radio playing while you were trying to study for an exam, reading the same sentence over and over. “Shut up brain radio, you’re too loud”, you think. You felt like a rant. All you did was rant inside your head about a brain that wouldn’t stop.

5:15 AM. There was no turning back. You decide you’re staying up. It was as if you ventured into this challenge. And you were okay. The rant had ended. You were in peace with the idea.

For once, it did not feel like time had continued from the night before.

For once, it felt like time just began again. Maybe it always did.

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