I always thought Tuesday was like a nicer version of Monday. It’s like it was too early down the week line to rejoice, yet the harder part was already gone. But yes, definitely a nicer version. Tuesday was like Monday’s friendlier, calmer friend. If they were walking down the hall in school, you’d smile at Tuesday as Monday adamantly passes by, leaving you unnoticed. And you’d think to yourself “Maybe Monday has a soft side only Tuesday knows about…”.

You shrug off the thought as you turn around to face the daylight coming in from your bedroom window. You realize it’s fair to get out of bed now. Even though your alarm hasn’t even rang, you felt less selfish today. It felt as if you barely slept because you didn’t have your usual “wake up in the middle of the night, check the time, and go back to sleep” uncontrollable habit. Truth was you had a good, solid 6-hour sleep.

And as you return Mother Nature’s call which takes a bit longer than usual, you remember that you had refused to do so the night before and you smile at the edgy irrational Past You for being such a thrill-seeker. And then you wash your hands with ice cold water, and you wait for the chill to sink it.

It doesn’t. Your hands didn’t really mind it.

You set your left foot at the kitchen step, and as you enter you realize that you had always entered that kitchen with the same foot. It always took you the exact number of steps from the bathroom, which you recall always leaving with the right foot. You think. Reaching in to the cupboard and choosing your most preferred weapon, you look back at the morning before, recalling that you had chosen a different one on purpose because it was pure black and slimmer. As if it mattered. It probably did. But today you were comfortable. You pour hot water into your mug as you stare at the bananas sitting on the kitchen counter and you realize you stared at them every single day at that same place, passively registering how everyday they changed their skin.

You sip on the coffee as you sit down, and minutes later your usual alarm rings. It was only still 7:30. “And now my feet don’t touch the ground”… Today’s song looping in your head was cheerful. Calm cheerful. You refused to believe you could be preppy in the morning, it just wasn’t in you. But Tuesday came with a certain acceptance. Tuesday meant you had plans after work. Tuesday was nice. Yes, you had another early presentation for which you had not yet finished preparing, but you felt certain you were going to manage your time just fine. You always did, in a way.


You had to convene with life’s usual routine. Luckily, your coffee was still warm.

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