The Politics Of Home And Hearth
Pranati Reddy

This is actually the most balanced view on feminism I’ve come across in a long time. Usually, the media pieces you read are either so pro-feminist (read liberal) that they might as well be called anti-male or so anti-feminist that they might as well be called anti-women (read conservative). And if you look at the larger picture at hand, you realise that in the end, they are just some kind of propaganda, cogwheels in the machinery, used to fuel campaigns of a presidential bid or get a bill passed or simply gain good PR. And the real issue gets buried in the debate.

But the change is happening, even though its slow. As you mentioned, there are so many politicized assumptions and rationales behind their foundation, and centuries long traditions, that it would probably take decades if not centuries, to transcend barriers.

(Btw, you should definitely check out the comments section of the Star Wars: Rogue One teaser — interesting stuff there!)

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