Know All About FSSAI License!

FSSAI, short for Food Safety and Standards authority of India, is an agency of Ministry of Health and Family welfare of India. It is essential for having a body in government for the regulation and supervision of food safety for protecting and promoting public health. Hence government in 2006 passed the Food Safety Standards Act under food safety and standard Act, 2006. FSSAI is responsible to formulate the food safety and standard regulation that came into effect in 2011. FSSAI formulates rules & regulations and handle food related issues in various Ministries and Departments.

The Head Office of FSSAI is located in New Delhi. And the current chairman is Ashish Bahuguna

FSSAI grants License and Registrations for all the business firms dealing in any kind of business related to food, after examining the applicant’s application and grants only after it feels satisfied from the application. Be it manufacturing or distributing or selling food items, FSSAI registration is mandatory. New FBOs can start their business operations once permitted from the concerned authorities.

Canteen, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, dairy, manufacturer of consumable products etc every such business unit requires FSSAI registration. Such business is called Food Business Operators (FBOs). Owning a FSSAI license also benefits the owner. It helps to build cutomer’s trust over the products.

No business firm engaged in such activities can operate without getting food license. Business operating without license is unauthorized. If FSSAI officers found any such business operating without FSSAI registration, it can straight away sue the owner or could put the company on hold. Recently, FSSAI issued notice to Baba Ramdev’s brand Patanjali. FSSAI claimed that the company is manufacturing noodles without FSSAI license.

It must also be ensured that even after issuing FSSAI License, you have to follow all the rules and regulations provided by FSSAI. Failing to this can lead to Suspension or cancellation of FSSAI license. Last year, FSSAI banned the well known brand Maggi’s Instant noodles because the some ingredients were not according to the allowed ratio. FSSAI keeps a check on all the businesses that have been granted the license.

Registration Process:

1. Fill Form B : Food business operators can apply for new license or for renewing a existing one have to apply through Form B. Self attested declaration in the specified format should be attached along the form

2.After Receiving the application , the authorities examines the application and carry out food inspection

3.if the Inspector gets satisfied with your business operations, he/she forwards the report and The license is issued by the concerned authority. This may take upto 60 days.

If it takes more than 60 days, the applicant can commence without the license without waiting for further communication.

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