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Quite a while ago, when I first ran into this problem of managing multiple git accounts, I had done a ton of research online. There were quite a lot of helpful articles, but they all had something missing. I had to patch together information from place to place to place. I’m bringing all my learning together here, to pass the baton I was given. 😅

Before we get started, let me outline a few of the questions I will be answering in this article. I’ll be addressing:

  1. Where are SSH keys stored on a Mac? What’s an RSA key?
  2. What…

If you live in Ontario (Canada) and care about the environment, take a few seconds to sign a pre-written letter, which will automatically get sent to your local MPP, Vic Fideli (Finance Minister), Rod Philips (Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks) and Caroline Mulroney (Attorney General of Ontario).

🌎 💌 Sign the pre-written letter below. You can add to it if you so please!

I think I would say I’ve been environmentally conscious for quite a while now and I’m sure many of you are, but it hasn’t been until the past year till now, for me to completely re-think the decisions I make on a daily basis.

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If you’re in Toronto, this might be of interest to you!

It’s not always possible to avoid using plastic, and it’s not always easy. It is however doable in little ways, for example at the grocery store. I have a resuable bag I always use now in my car, and…

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I picked up this book from a friend thinking it would have a set of ‘rules’ or ‘instructions’… a sort of path that successful entrepreneurs seem to follow to build game-changing companies or products.

Oh was I so wrong and delightfully surprised.

This book is not just a must-read for ambitious entrepreneurs, it’s a must-read for any student, the people who will build the future. It’s a collection of eye-opening observations about the way we live, the way we as humans see things, the things we’ve gotten right and the things people get wrong. He backs up key observations with…

I keep thinking of this a lot recently, tell if you have.

Isn’t it scary how….you… like the person you are… all your experiences, laughs, all your friends, the people you love, the places you been, the things you’ve done, the memories, all your unique thoughts, all the ideas you come up with….the unique thoughts and things that only you could do….

It’s gone, the moment you die.

It fucking scares me.

I want to write everything. Not just write, but do everything I can to get my ideas onto other mediums that aren’t mortal like me.

I fear dying…

Yash Kadaru

You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy. Developer & Designer based in Toronto. McMaster University grad. Currently @ Konrad Group.

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